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  • Miles and his family have easily been the best landlords I've had by far in almost a decade of renting. He is very prompt and reliable if there are any issues or repairs, which is rare. Updates have been made when requested in regards to security which was much appreciated. The property on 105 Madison is well maintained and is very unique compared to a lot of the souless units I've seen around Kitchener. If you want an easygoing landlord who is very respectful of privacy, this is the guy to go with!

    Jaimie Beardmore
  • I have rented an apartment from Miles and his family for over 6 years now and really cannot imagine a better Landlord.  Miles and his family keep the property looking neat and well maintained.  Most importantly though, Miles is very quick to respond to the maintenance issues that inevitably occur.  He is very easy to reach, via text, email or phone, and will often have the identified issues fixed, either the same or next day.  He also keeps you continually updated with the status of maintenance issues, so you always know what is going on.  

    I have known numerous friends and acquaintances who have rented units from large property management companies and their experiences have not been good.  It takes weeks or months for their issues to be resolved.   I am grateful I rented from Miles, as I have none of those issues.

    Lastly, Miles himself is a great guy, easily approachable, always cheerful and willing to work with you if there are any problems.  As I said before, I cannot imagine a better Landlord.

    Andrew Dale
  • Miles is an amazing landlord, always helpful and always available!  Very nice and willing to answer any questions or help with any issues you may have.  435 Oak Street was an amazing experience.  The location is perfect.  Quiet and friendly neighbours, close to parks, shopping and the water.  Natalie B.

    Natalie B. View Property