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Sep 4/20

2020...what a year!

The past year has been a whirl wind for everybody.  Covid 19 is the headline, and I'm proud that we have been able to work with everybody to ensure that where allowances needed to be made- and theare were- that people have been able to stay in their homes.

Our eavestrough work at Madison is finished, and we are now on to the outdoor deck and some upgrades there.  The "Oaks" in Leamington haven't needed any extra work, and the trees planted 1.5 years ago are really taking off!  The "Cedars" (thinking about changing to "Eagle's View"?) continues to roll along as well enjoying the upgrades we have done over the past few years.  As always- not interested in having problems, we want things working well from the start!

Nothing more to update- just a thank you to all our tenants who have come and gone- continue to wish you the best!