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Dec 15/18

Our Leamington Apartments are done!

Our new Leamington Apartment Kitchens!


It's Saturday, Dec. 15 2018, and almost 2 years to the day from our initial agreement to buy the "Wildwood Oaks" in Leamington Ontario.

From the start, we knew there was going to be money spent- you have to in order to provide great quality, comfortable living to high class, quality tenants.  I am incredibly pleased with the work done, including flooring, painting, appliances, counters, backsplashes, trim, insulation, lights, fans, outlets, doors, storage and the list goes on.  It truly surpassed my expectations.

A quick plug to Tom Osborne of OA Developments in Windsor.  He and his crew did all the work.  Throughout, Tom has been a pleasure to deal with.  He gave accurate quotes, provided solutions to unexpected issues (what Reno doesn't have those?!) and met the deadlines I needed. I would use him again and again.

The updates don't stop here- the complex will continue to be maintained to a high standard of living.  We want to- it is your home after all.  Some further changes coming will likely be mechanical with some new furnaces and air conditioners, along with fencing in the back.

Merry Christmas- and looking forward to 2019!